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Revitalize Your Body with Cryotherapy in Northampton

Experience the Icy Delight of Cryotherapy Treatments

At CryoHub, we’ve been helping people from Northampton with for over a year with our trusted cryotherapy treatments. During a cryo session, your body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures for a short burst of time, triggering a natural healing response within your system. Many people report feeling invigorated and energised after a single session, with a sense of overall well-being that lasts long after the treatment is over.


So why not give it a try and harness the power of cryo for yourself?

Client Testimonials

Being my first time using thr experience I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, However John and Kaylen were very knowledgeable so gave me peace of mind before stepping in the chambre. Armed with all the facts and figures, but nothing could prepare you for -130•c sub temperatures, although the drop in temperature was very gradual and my body adapted very well. There was no after shock from the cold when the doors opened and my body temp returned to normal as soon as I had my clothes back on. As for the results, I had no prior niggly aches or long-standing pain to be wary of however in the moments after my treatment I instantly felt ‘lighter’ and more energetic, which was a complete 360 from the lethargic behaviour before from the previous late nights antics. Would definitely be going back and would urge anyone to give it a try as the results speak for themselves. Thanks again guys.

Kyron Layne


Having suffered with tendinitis for several years, my mind was blown at the instant relief that the Cryohub provides. The staff and facilities are fantastic! An all-round 10/10 experience.

Ryan Allison

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I can not recommend this place enough, brilliant service! I knew very little about cryohub and what it would do for me but the boys talked me through it answering all my questions, there knowledge is unbelievable, my frozen shoulder feels so much better after just a few sessions, my advice to anyone would be to get down there and get your injury sorted. Great service cheers lads

Daniel Bennett


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Treatments at our clinic 30 minutes from Northampton

Located 30 minutes from Northamptonshire, we help patients improve their overall well-being and help them with a healthy recovery.

A Word From The Team

“We, like many discovered cryotherapy after searching for recovery solutions to our training, after giving it a try, we were sold, having experienced recovery treatments before, we were blown away by its effectiveness and you will be too.” 


Kaylen Wilson, Co-Founder of CryoHub Bedford Ltd.

Cryotherapy Treatments Northampton

Discover quick and safe treatments for total well-being

Benefits Of Cryotherapy

Whether used for post-exercise recovery or managing inflammation associated with chronic conditions, cryotherapy has shown significant therapeutic benefits for patients.

Improved Recovery Time

According to research, cryotherapy can improve recovery post-exercise or injury by reducing inflammation and promoting healing. This therapy is especially beneficial for athletes as it aids in faster recuperation from muscle soreness, sprains, and strains, enabling them to resume their activities earlier. Additionally, whole-body cryotherapy has been used in post-surgical rehabilitation.

Reduced Inflammation

When exposed to sub-zero temperatures, the body initiates a response to reduce inflammation as a protective measure against excessive cold. As a result, the inflammatory response in the affected area decreases, leading to pain relief and improved mobility. This reduction in inflammation can be especially helpful for individuals dealing with conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, or other inflammatory ailments. 

Reduced Muscle Soreness

Cryotherapy is an effective way to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue in athletes by enhancing blood circulation and eliminating toxins accumulated in the muscles after physical activity. Those who engage in rigorous workouts or sporting events can benefit greatly from cryotherapy as it reduces both the intensity and duration of muscle soreness.

Increased Energy Levels

Cryotherapy increases blood flow, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells, improving their overall function. As a result, individuals who have undergone the therapy often report feeling more energetic and refreshed, making cryotherapy an excellent choice for those seeking a natural energy boost. Whether preparing for a big event or trying to fight off mid-day fatigue, cryotherapy provides a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to increase energy levels and improve overall well-being.


Improved Circulation

Cryotherapy encourages the body to release anti-inflammatory agents, which further improve circulation and reduce the risk of injuries or conditions that affect blood flow. Improved circulation can lead to a host of benefits, including quicker injury recovery, improved cardiovascular health, and better mental clarity. For individuals dealing with circulation issues, such as varicose veins, or those looking to improve overall health, cryotherapy can be a highly beneficial and natural solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryotherapy is gaining popularity for its purported health benefits, including reducing inflammation and increasing energy levels. But one question that often comes up is whether cryotherapy hurts. The answer is that it largely depends on your tolerance for cold. Cryotherapy involves standing in a chamber that uses liquid nitrogen to lower the temperature to as low as minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The extreme cold can cause discomfort, but the session typically only lasts a few minutes. Many people find that the benefits of cryotherapy far outweigh any temporary discomfort and that they feel reinvigorated afterward.

If you’re on the hunt for a cutting-edge method to improve your mental and physical well-being, then whole body cryotherapy may be worth a shot. This innovative treatment involves briefly immersing your entire body in sub-zero temperatures in order to trigger a host of health benefits. Advocates of whole body cryotherapy claim that it can stimulate circulation, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and even boost your metabolism. Additionally, many people use cryotherapy to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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Cryotherapy, or “cold therapy,” has been gaining popularity in recent years as an alternative treatment for various conditions such as pain, inflammation, and even skin improvement. But how long does a cryotherapy treatment last? Depending on the method used, a typical whole-body cryotherapy session lasts between two to four minutes, with temperatures ranging from -130 to -200°F.

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