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Cryopen Treatments

This advanced cryotherapy treatment provides fast and efficient removal of a variety of skin lesions by using extreme temperatures.



The CryoPen releases small shards of nitrogen oxide under a high pressure millimetres away from the affected area. When this process is carried out it destroys the inter-cellular fluid when shards and crystals are formed, destroying the membrane which then destroys the cell.



CryoPen methods are used to address many issues which you can no longer get treated by your local doctor or the NHS. 



Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology for a quick and effective solution to your skin blemishes or concerns.


Client Testimonials

Being my first time using thr experience I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, However John and Kaylen were very knowledgeable so gave me peace of mind before stepping in the chambre. Armed with all the facts and figures, but nothing could prepare you for -130•c sub temperatures, although the drop in temperature was very gradual and my body adapted very well. There was no after shock from the cold when the doors opened and my body temp returned to normal as soon as I had my clothes back on. As for the results, I had no prior niggly aches or long-standing pain to be wary of however in the moments after my treatment I instantly felt ‘lighter’ and more energetic, which was a complete 360 from the lethargic behaviour before from the previous late nights antics. Would definitely be going back and would urge anyone to give it a try as the results speak for themselves. Thanks again guys.

Kyron layne


Having suffered with tendinitis for several years, my mind was blown at the instant relief that the Cryohub provides. The staff and facilities are fantastic! An all-round 10/10 experience.

Ryan Allison

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I can not recommend this place enough, brilliant service! I knew very little about cryohub and what it would do for me but the boys talked me through it answering all my questions, there knowledge is unbelievable, my frozen shoulder feels so much better after just a few sessions, my advice to anyone would be to get down there and get your injury sorted. Great service cheers lads

Daniel Bennett



The Benefits Of Local Cryotherapy Our CryoPen Treatments


  • CryoPen treatments are fast and efficient, providing visible results in a short amount of time.
  • The treatments are non-invasive and do not require surgery or injections.
  • The unique method of applying liquified nitrous oxide to skin lesions ensures that healthy tissue remains unharmed while still destroying unwanted skin tissues.

With a lot of treatments now unavailable through the NHS, we’re pleased to be able an affordable alternative in treating sun damaged skin, brown spots, aging spots, pigmentation, skin tags, verrucas and warts on all parts of the body.


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A Word From The Team

“Having used this treatment via the NHS before, I know the benefits. When we found out it was no longer being offered as part of the NHS, we wanted to be able to help.” 



Kaylen Wilson, Co-Founder of CryoHub Bedford Ltd.

Preparing for your session

With CryoPen treatments, we recommend the following to get the best results.

Soak The Area

Soaking the area for up to 5 minutes everyday for one week prior to your treatment 

Treat Daily

Exfoliate or gently file everyday after soaking.

Dress appropriately

It’s important to dress appropriately for your treatment. Wear loose-fitting clothes

Avoid jewellry

Avoid metal jewellery or clothing that could cause discomfort during the session.

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What to expect

Firstly, CryoPen treatments are safe and our fully-trained and qualified team will guide you through each step.

During your session

The targeted area will be exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time and may begin to sting slightly but this is normal. 


After your session

Depending on the size of the affected area, we may recommend a follow up session.


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